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1. When a glass rod rubbed with silk, it

a) Gains electron from silk

b) Gives electron to silk

c) Gains proton from silk

d) Gives proton to silk

Correct Answer : B

2. In general, metallic ropes are suspended on the carriers taking inflammable materials. The reason is

a) To control the speed of the carrier

b) To keep the centre of gravity of the
carrier nearer to the earth

c) To keep the body of the carrier in contact
with the earth

d) None of these.

Correct Answer : C

3. Electric field at a point varies as r° for

a) Electric dipole

b) A point charge

c) A plane infinite sheet of charge

d) A line charge of infinite length

Correct Answer : C

4. The force per unit charge is known as

a) Electric flux

b) Electric field

c) Electric potential

d) Electric current

Correct Answer : B

5. Two similar spheres having +Q and –Q charges are kept at a certain distance. F force acts between the two. If at the middle of two spheres, another similar having + Q charge is kept,
then it experiences a force in magnitude and direction as

a) Zero having no direction

b) 8F towards +Q charge

c) 8F towards –Q charge

d) 4F towards +Q charge

Correct Answer : C

6. A charge Q is divided into two parts of q and Q – q. if the coulomb repulsion between them when they are separated is to be maximum the ratio Q/q should be

a) 2:1

b) 1/2

c) 4:1

d) 1/4

Correct Answer : A

8. The unit of electric dipole moment is

a) Newton

b) Coulomb

c) Farad

d) Debye

Correct Answer : B

10. A positively charged particle is released from rest in a uniform electric field. The electric
potential energy of the charge

(a) Remains constant because the electric field is uniform

(b) Increase because the charge moves along the electric field

(c) Decreases because the charge moves along the electric field.

(d) Decreases because the charge moves opposite to the electric field.

Correct Answer : C

11. Equipotential at a great distance from a collection of charges whose total sum is not zero
are approximately

a) Spheres

b) Planes

c) Paraboloids

d) Ellipsoids

Correct Answer : A

12. If a unit of positive charge is taken from one point to another over an equipotential surface

a) Work is done on the charge

b) Work is done by the charge

c) Work done is constant

d) No work is done

Correct Answer : D

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