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NATA EXAM 2020 MCQs for CHEMISTRY | NATA Exam Syllabus 2020 | NATA exam date 2020

NATA EXAM 2020 MCQs for CHEMISTRY | NATA Exam Syllabus 2020

NATA EXAM 2020 MCQs for CHEMISTRY | NATA Exam Syllabus 2020
nata exam syllabus 2020

1. Find the correct order of increasing acidity

(a) CH Ξ CH >CH2 = CH2 > CH3 – C Ξ CH > CH3 – CH3

(b) CH3 – CH3 > CH2 = CH2 > CH3 – C Ξ CH > CH Ξ CH

(C) CH2 = CH2 > CH3 – CH = CH2 > CH3 – C Ξ CH > CH Ξ CH

(D) CH Ξ CH > CH3 – C Ξ CH > CH2 = CH2 > CH3 – CH3

Correct Answer :  D

2. How many structural isomers are possible if one hydrogen in diphenyl methane is replaced by chlorine?

(a) 8

(b) 4

(c) 7

(d) 6

Correct Answer : B

3. Why do we boil the extract with conc. HNO3 in Lassaigne’s test for halogens?

(a) to increase the concentration of NO3 – ions

(b) to increase the solubility product of AgCl

(c) it increases the precipitation of AgCl

(d) for the decomposition of Na2S and NaCN formed

Correct Answer : D

4. The product obtained on heating potassium ethoxide in ethanol is

(a) 1-pentene

(b) 2-cis-pentene

(c) trans-2-pentene

(d) 2-ethoxy pentane

Correct Answer : C

5. Choose the process by which liquid hydrocarbons can be converted to gaseous

(a) hydrolysis

(b) oxidation

(c) cracking

(d) distillation under reduced pressure

Correct Answer : C

6. Find the structure of a compound C6H10, which decolourises Br in CCl4 and gives an insoluble salt on reacting with Ag+. It gives 2-methyl pentane on treatment with an excess of hydrogen in the presence of Ni as a catalyst

(a) CH3CH(CH3)C Ξ CCH3

(b) (CH3)2CH – CH2C ΞCH

(c) CH2 = C(CH3) – CH = CHCH3

(d) CH3C(CH3) = CH-CH=CH2

Correct Answer : B

7. Find the compound among these with the shortest C-C single bond CH ΞC – C Ξ CH

(a) CH Ξ C-C Ξ CH

(b) CH3 – CH3

(c) CH2 = CH – C Ξ CH

(d) CH2 = CH – CH3

Correct Answer : A

8. Which among the following reagent can be used to distinguish between CH2BrCH=CH2 from CH3CH=CHBr

(a) Br2/CCl4

(b) cold KMnO4

(c) AgNO3/C2H5OH

(d) Ag(NH3)2OH

Correct Answer : C

9. Isopropyl iodide is formed after reaction of propene with HI, this is due to

(a) more stable free radical

(b) homolysis

(c) more stable carbanion

(d) more stable carbocation

Correct Answer : D

10. C6H5CHO is formed when C6H6 is treated with CO and HCl in the presence of anhydrous AlCl3. Name of the reaction is:

(a) Friedel crafts reaction

(b) Gatterman Koch reaction

(c) Rosenmund reaction

(d) Stephen reaction

Correct Answer : B

11. A compound having bond angle 180° is

(a) alkyne

(b) alkane

(c) alkene

(d) cycloalkane

Correct Answer : A

12. Photochemical smog normally does not contain

(a) Chlorofluorocarbons

(b) Peroxyacetyl nitrate

(c) Ozone

(d) Acrolein

Correct Answer : A

13. Depletion of the ozone layer is caused due to

(a) Ferrocene

(b) Fullerenes

(c) Freons

(d) Polyhalogens

Correct Answer : C

14. Find the incorrect statement

(a) BOD value of clean water is less than 5 ppm

(b) Drinking water pH should be between 5.5-9.5

(c) carbon, sulphur and nitrogen oxides are the most widespread air pollutants

(d) dissolved oxygen concentration below 5 ppm is ideal for the growth of fish

Correct Answer : D

15. Find the secondary pollutant among these

(a) PAN

(b) N2O

(c) SO2

(d) CO2

Correct Answer : A

16. The reaction responsible for the radiant energy of the Sun is

(a) nuclear fission

(b) nuclear fusion

(c) chemical reaction

(d) combustion

Correct Answer : B

17. Alum’s capacity to purify water is due to

(a) softens hard water

(b) pathogenic bacteria gets destroyed

(c) impurities’ coagulation

(d) it improves taste

Correct Answer : C

18. The coldest region of the atmosphere

(a) Troposphere

(b) Thermosphere

(c) Stratosphere

(d) Mesosphere

Correct Answer : D

19. Which of the oxide of nitrogen is not a common pollutant?

(a) N2O5

(b) N2O

(c) NO

(d) NO2

Correct Answer : A

20. The compound essential for the process of photosynthesis has this element

(a) Ca

(b) Ba

(c) Fe

(d) Mg

Correct Answer : D

21. In the air, N2 and O2 occur naturally but they do not react to form oxides of nitrogen

(a) oxides of nitrogen are unstable

(b) catalyst is required for the reaction

(c) the reaction is endothermic

(d) N2 and O2 do not react with each other x

Correct Answer : C

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