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Interior Designer 

An Introduction to Interior Design

Who is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a person with education and experience necessary to improve the function and aesthetic quality of an interior space. An interior designer works for improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, and for protecting health and safety and welfare of the people.

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The professional interior designer:

  • Analyzes client’s needs, goals and life safety requirements,
  • formulates pre-liminary design concepts, that are functional, aesthetic, appropriate and are in accordance with the codes and standards,
  • develops and presents final design proposals by following appropriate presentation media,
  • prepares drawings and specifications for interior construction .i.e. ceiling plans, space detailing, space planning, materials, finishes, lighting, furnishes, fixtures and equipment in compliance with universal accessibility guidelines and all applicable codes,
  • works in a team of other licensed practitioners in the areas of electrical, mechanical and architectural, as required for regulatory approval,
  • prepares and administers bids and contract documents as a client’s agent,
  • reviews and evaluates design solutions during implementation and at the time of completion,

We spend over 90 per cent of our day in interior spaces. Despite this most of us take interiors for granted, we seldom notice the furniture, colours, textures, and other elements. But sometimes the design of an interior does catch our attention, maybe it is the rich panelling of an expensive restaurant, the soothing background of a religious place, or the charms of a show home, designed by a professional interior designer.

Interior design professionals provide the owner of homes and businesses, with functionally successful and aesthetically attractive interior spaces. An interior designer, whether working for domestic interiors or for commercials, benefits the society, by focusing on how a space and an interior environment should look and function, by planning the arrangements of interior walls, considering how the design affects the health, safety and welfare of its occupants, selecting appropriate furniture, specifying aesthetic embellishments for space- the designer brings life to an interior. Client’s functional and aesthetic requirements become reality.

The interior design profession is much more than selecting colours and fabrics and re- arranging furniture. The professional interior designer must consider the building and life safety codes; understand environmental issues and the basic construction and mechanical systems of buildings. An interior designer is able to communicate the design concepts effectively, through precisely scaled drawings and other documents used in the industry. The professional interior designer makes space plans for the rooms considering the furniture and everything that goes into them, and knows- all that is
supposed to occur in the spaces. The interior designer manages all the tasks and makes sure that the project is completed on its allocated time.
The practice of interior design demands a high level of interpersonal skills. Interior designers strive to be good listeners, so as to better understand the spoken and unspoken needs of their clients. The professional interior designer is also a good observer and seeks to understand how an existing space is working and how can it be improved. He can visualize a space which does not exist yet.

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