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GOOGLE SKETCHUP Asian Paints Plugin Installation Process | GOOGLE SKETCHUP 2020

GOOGLE SKETCHUP Asian Paints Plugin Installation Process 

To download the Google SketchUp Content Library file to your computer, you must follow the following instructions:

To start the download, click on the plugin under the Google SketchUp icon.

Step 2:  After downloading the Google SketchUp zip file, extract it on the desktop. You will have three files:

Asian Paints – Bright
Asian Paints – Melange
Asian Paints – White

Step 3: Open the software GOOGLE SKETCHUP 2018 :

Figure 1

And select material tab  (Figure 2 )GOOGLE SKETCHUP 2018

Figure 2

Click Open or create collection. which is given below in the picture: (Figure 3)GOOGLE SKETCHUP 2018

Figure 3

 Select Material ASIAN  PAINTS  folder : (Figure 4)GOOGLE SKETCHUP 2018
Figure 4

To draw an object, select the "DRAW" tool, which is given below in the picture:

To draw the wall, go to draw mode and choose an option called rectangle.
Now use the option "PUSH AND PULL" to give height to the wall.

How to use Sketchup | Sketchup 2020 | Sketchup Tutorial

Click on the box in the picture to open the Content Material Editor slot.

You have to click any further Material slot to get colour Book.

Once you click on the small icon in the content editor, you will see a new window, called " Material Content", as shown in the picture below:

Once you select any of the ASIAN PAINTS colours book, you will see a list of colours in the content box as shown in the picture

Now just select any colour and drag it to the wall. You will have your selected colour on the wall.


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