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How are interior designers trained? | Best Interior Designing Courses | Careers| Scope | Degree

Best Interior Designing Courses | Careers| Scope | Degree

There are several routes into the industry.

The most conventional path is via an arts degree that prepares students with the skills required to work either for an existing company or to set up their own. 

For example The New York School of Interior Design offers two and four year degrees in both theoretical and field studies. Some colleges of higher education also offer courses other than degrees.

Some interior designers study architecture and spend their careers designing the construction of buildings and interiors, along with devising plans for their interior décor. Architecture is a competitive and demanding profession and entry standards for degree courses are high. 

For example 

The College of Architecture at Texas A&M-College Station offers two tracks in the Bachelor of Environmental Design program. One, which is a pre-professional design study track or the research study track. A degree in architecture not only equips you with the skills needed to design buildings, but it also gives you transferable skills that are useful in film-making, fine art, and many
other design-based disciplines.

Colleges often have links with companies and individuals already working in the design industry. This allows for professional interior designers to help students find internships and gain valuable work experience, which is usually a requirement for securing employment following graduation. College also allows for Externships which really help student designers to get their foot “in-the-door.”

When taking on new employees, the majority of agencies request a degree-level qualification in design or architecture. Universities and colleges also have special facilities that enable students to become acquainted with the tools they will use when working in a design agency or as freelance designers. Subscriptions to industry-standard software can be expensive and students are usually entitled to receive a discount for the duration of their course.

However, the conventional route of attending art college or university is not an option for everyone looking to become an interior designer. One alternative is to undertake online learning courses from a credible institution. 

For example 

The Academy of Art University offers an Online Interior Architecture and Design degree designed to prepare students for a career as an industry professional. While there are not as many online degrees in the United States offered in the field of Interior Design, this route allows for a more flexible schedule. It is important to note that not all students are good with online education. Some students find it hard to motivate themselves to complete the work because they are not required to be in a physical class. But the latter can have serious implication on grades and enrollment.

There is no law prohibiting anyone from setting up their own interior design business. If you have a talent for design and are willing to teach yourself all the practical skills required, you could find success as a self-taught designer, if you work on small-scale projects in residential settings. However, you will have better prospects and a much more substantial skill set if you seek out formal training.

It may also be possible to secure a job at an agency if you have a proven track record of completing projects to a high standard along with an outstanding portfolio, but this is not a common route for interior designers to take.


Interior designer education requirements usually consist of a bachelor’s degree but are also available at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels.

Best Interior Designing Courses | Careers| Scope | Degree

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