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NATA Drawing Question 2020 | NATA Drawing

NATA Drawing Question 2020

Nata 2020 : Part A Drawing

Free Drawing Question 2020

1. You are sitting on the roof of a train which is waiting at the station. Draw the view.

2. Imagine that your size has been reduced significantly and you are standing in a pencil box that has three pencils, one sharpener, and one compass, one piece of paper and one eraser and one fountain pen. Now you need to draw something that you would see standing inside the pencil box with the help of the lid of the box open.
3. You are an ant on a table with two bottles and two glasses, each of them contain liquids at different levels, there is a window in the rooms through which light is coming in, draw what you see with light and shadows.
4. Make an interesting three dimensional stable composition using three bottles, two balls and one lampshade in the space provided. Also show the effect of light and shadow on the composition.

5. You are the invigilator in an exam (12th class exam). The situation is tense. Draw the view.
6. Sixteen wooden cubes in four different colours are available with you. Make use of these cubes to create a show piece that can be displayed in your drawing room.
7. Draw using a pencil only, the scene of a man sitting on an elephant in a largehall with one circular opening in the roof.
8. Draw a visually appealing composition using the five given shapes and colour it using four colours. You can use any shape more than once. However each shape has to be used at least once
9. Create an interesting sculpture Using the basic 3D shapes of sports gear found in a cricket kit For Eg: Wickets, bails etc, You can scale each object to any size of your choice, and use them in multiples, but it has to have a minimum of 3 objects from a cricket kit. Draw the effect of light and shadow on your composition.
10. Imagine you are a kid in a cradle, your mother is giving a toy to you.
11. Imagine you are reduced to 40 cm height, draw the furniture of any room as you would see it.
12. From a balcony of your fourth floor apartment you are looking at a small place of worship surrounded by a garden. Depict the scenario on a busy sunny day. Use an appropriate pencil as a mediu
13. Imagine you are in a public garden, standing at the corner of a sculpture made of eight cubes. Draw what you see.
14. Draw the view of an art gallery, where a renowned artist is explaining his art to people.
15. You are standing at the door way of a bus and looking outside at a local market.
16. Imagine you are sitting on a merry go round in a fair. You can see game stalls, food corner, giant wheel and a toy train. Draw the view seen by you.
17. Imagine you are an 8 year old kid playing hide and seek in the courtyard of your house. You hide underneath the cot, from where you see your grandfather’s legs resting on the floor, and two legs of 2 of your friends who are moving around searching for you.

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NATA Drawing Question 

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